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Moshe David Rosanel

Agudas Hakehilos Synagogue in Paris
משה דוד רוזנל


Originally from Paris, Moshe David Rosanel grew up in a very musical environment where singing played a significant role in the synagogue as well as in the home. His father, R’ Avraham Rosanel who, for over 30 years, serves as  the Chazzan of the Agudas Hakehilos Synagogue in Paris, taught him to pray with fervor and warmth. Both his parents, hailing from musical families, imbued him with a rich and varied plethora of music genres. His grandfather used to recall that as a youngster in prewar Poland, due to poverty, stood behind one of the windows of the synagogue to listen to Moshe Koussevitzky giving a concert. On his mother side, his great grandfather was a composer before WW2 in Hamburg, Germany.

Moshe David learned the piano as a yougster and learned voice technique under  former opera singer, Cantor Moshe De Rizinsky z"l from Antwerp, Belgium. He trained proffessionally by Cantor Rabbi Moshe Ginz, who’s experience in Israel, the United States and Canada expands over 40 years. Under his tutelage, he learned the “Bel canto” singing technique, achieving smooth merger between voice registries, strong voice control and fundamentals of Chazzanut. Moshe David's fluency in French, English, Hebrew and Yiddish has enriched  the extent of his knowledge and  abilities.

From a very young age, Moshe David performed as a child soloist at events and in the synagogue. He has served as Chazzan for the high holydays in France and Israel for the past ten years. Being a member of the Halelu Cantorial Choir, Moshe David has performed with them at various concerts and Shabbat services. Moshe David Rosanel leads Kumzits events which consists of singing with the audiance Jewish folk songs, while playing the guitar (along other musical instruments) and sharing stories and inspiring ideas with the attendees.


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